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  • The Resources Library contains hundreds of publications, articles and extracts that have been created and published by various authors, researchers, and organisation’s that have no direct relationship or commercial agreement with Caraniche. These particular documents have been sourced and uploaded onto the Resources Library to assist Caraniche staff in completing functions of their individual roles. Caraniche have also created and authored numerous publications and articles, as well as various policies, forms, templates and procedures, which are located on the Resources Library.


  • All documents (including publications, articles, templates, forms, policies and procedures) on the Resources Library that have been created and published by ‘Caraniche’ as the author, may only be used within your employment, or subcontract services, with Caraniche.

Copyright Notice

  • Copyright and other relevant intellectual property and moral rights exist on all text relating to Caraniche’s services and the full content on the Resources Library.


  • By accessing the Resources Library you consent to these terms and conditions.

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